We provide services for issuing a Representation(a complete package of documents for Russian SID and Seamans Book).


Processing time - 2 working days, the cost of issuing a package of documents: SID - 4000 rubles, SID +  Seamans Book - 5500 rubles


Documents required for registration of SID and Seamans Book:


Civil passport of the Russian Federation (main page, page with registration);

Traval Passport of the Russian Federation (page with a photo);

Valid working documents (for officers - a diploma, for enlisted personnel - a qualification certificate and a certificate of completion of a basic security training course)

Photos 3cm x 4cm (5 pieces). Matte, colored, on a light background, white shirt, dark tie;

Medical board (seaman's medical certificate), the document must be valid and certified with a Russian stamp;

Labor activity for the previous 5 years. It is necessary to provide original documents confirming your activities (sea service record book, employment history, seafarer service certificates, military ID (to confirm military service), educational diploma (for students).

Old SID and SB, if issued earlier

Receipt for payment of state tax. (State tax is paid separately: Seamans Book - 794 rubles, SID - 1300 rubles)


Registration and issuance of SID is -  10-15 working days, Seamans Book - 5 working days from the date of submission of all necessary documents to the agency.

Pre-registration is required for submission to the Seaport Administration! Only personal submission.


Questions about the service:

tel. +7 (978) 34-98-281