How does the employment process work?


Step 1. You fill in the application form on our website, thereby registering in our database. It is important that your application contains complete and up-to-date information. Then we can find the best offer for you. The application form on the site is adaptive and you can always update it in your personal account. Please inform us of all career, professional and other changes. Just add an entry to the application after the end of each contract.

Step 2. Upon receiving your application, we will contact you to get the necessary information and discuss the options we can offer.

Step 3.We meet with you for an initial interview in the office or via Skype in video format, to understand your professional knowledge, including knowledge of the English language.

Step 4. After the interview, we will let you know what job opportunities there are for you, taking into account your specialisms and qualifications.

Step 5. You confirm your desire and readiness for the selected vacancy, and we will arrange an interview with the employer and passing the tests. The next steps depend on the employer requirements, but we accompany you right through to the final result.

IMPORTANT!!! We don’t take any commission from you for employment.

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